Course: "UX thinking & structuring before creating UI"

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About the course

This course provides an understanding of UX thinking, research, generating valuable design ideas, structuring process, and how to organize it all in a professional way.

What you will get

  • Understanding the process from scratch to the final design (visualization of all stages, explaining the details, showing in practice).
  • Experience. You will gain experience in organizing and structuring data, process and UI frames, as well as experience in UX approaches and design thinking.
  • Professional growth. You will increase your specialization, and as a result, the chance of getting the desired job or a high-paying project will increase.
  • Lifetime access. Get knowledge from the course when it's convenient for you and in your free time. The course data always remains with you.
  • Protection. You are legally entitled to use the course materials and templates in your projects after purchasing it.

Design approaches

  • Setting problems and goals
  • HMW
  • Decision tree
  • Interview analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Affinity walls
  • Conceptual product ideations
  • User personas
  • Empathy maps
  • CJMs
  • Use cases
  • Low-fi & High-fi wireframes

For whom this course

  • Junior web, UX/UI or product designer. You are a beginner and want to quickly get up to speed on the professional development of interface design or web design, learn UX thinking and organize the workflow and design working file correctly. The materials and knowledge from this course will suit you as a powerful base for starting in the field of professional design.
  • Middle / Senior web, UX/UI or product designer. You already have practical experience, but you lack knowledge in organizing the workflow. You are not sure where and how to use different UX methods. You do not understand the feasibility of conducting the UX part before wireframing or how to show to the clients UX activities you have done. In this case, this course is especially suitable for you to improve your qualifications.
  • Design team specialised in web, UX/UI or product design. You are design leader or designer in design team. Among your tasks is the organization of training for junior designers in your department. By purchasing the corporate plan, you can easily run a series of training workshops within your team with minimal training effort on your part, as you can reuse and modify any of the course materials. By buying Corporate license, all attendees of your team can have access to this course and can use it's materials.

Plan of work (Course videos)

  • Introduction and plan of work
    • 0.1 Introduction
    • 0.2 Design plan
  • Stage 1: Research and analysis
    • 1.1 Design process review
    • 1.2 Input database
    • 1.3 Setting problems and goals
    • 1.4 Data (interview) analysis
    • 1.5 "How might we?"
    • 1.6 Deccision tree
    • 1.7 Analysis of competitors
  • Stage 2: Structuring
    • 2.1 Design process review
    • 2.2 Affinity walls
    • 2.3 Conceptual product ideation
    • 2.4 User perssonas
    • 2.5 Empathy maps
    • 2.6 Roadmaps (CJMs)
    • 2.7 Use cases
    • 2.8 Conclusion of step 2
  • Stage 3: Wireframing
    • 3.1 Low-fi wireframes
    • 3.2 High-fi wireframes
  • Stage 4: UI design
    • 4.1 Presentation of UI design file (bonus content)
  • Conclusions and recommendations
    • Conclusions and recommendations from the author


“My impressions after the course are extremely positive. I was glad to learn about so many approaches and the possibility of their use🤓😎. Not only that, he even applied some in order to better understand the problem, in which I had no ideas and understanding at all. It seems to me that after you learn about these approaches, the only thought when receiving a new task will be: "What is the best approach to use here?🤔". Because the understanding comes that the more structured the task, the easier it is to perform, and you will also know from this course of how to structure it.😁 Thanks again for such great information!”

Kate (LinkedIn)

”I really enjoyed this course, which I am currently using in real projects. This design process improved communication with the client, made a clearer clear picture of the creation of the interface and helped to reach a higher level. I recommend it to those who want to immerse themselves even better in the process. Oleksandr also answers questions that arise after completing the course. Looking forward to new materials!”

Viktoria (LinkedIn)

“Oleksandr, thank you! The first for the possibility to receive Ukrainian-version content. The second is that you show practical knowledge that should essentially be custom-made standards to facilitate work on the project. For me, it is very important to see how the professional builds his process and why.”

Juli (Youtube)

“Thank you for this! I already managed to buy the course and even watched the introduction part and the first step 😊. So far the course looks very interesting, I like everything about it! I hope you will continue to do other design courses. Thank you❤️”

Alyona (Telegram)

“I have been working with Oleks for several years on various projects and can confirm his specialization in this niche. This course has really practical recommendations and approaches that help to understand the project more, many approaches to generating ideas, and how to structure a lot of incoming data. This course helps me to build data-prove complex interfaces design.”

Maks (LinkedIn)

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21 course videos | 10+ UX approaches and it's templates | 2 Figma working files (UX+UI) | Understanding UX mindset and the process from A to Z.


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Course: "UX thinking & structuring before creating UI"

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